Do you suffer from giddy spells? Do you sometimes get dizzy when you look up or lie down?

There may be a cure for you and it really can work!

My personal case history

About ten years ago I approached my doctor to see if I could get an answer to a problem that had bothered me for more than twenty-five years. I had always suffered moments of nausea and giddiness when I looked upwards above my head or lay down flat on my back with my head resting on the floor, or often when I just put my head into a certain position.

However as I entered my late forties I noticed an increase in the effects, and the nausea accompanying the giddiness took longer to settle. After another four or five years I also began to suffer the same feelings of giddiness as I lay down to sleep at night. One of the odd things about this experience was that it only showed itself when I lay on my right side – the side that I customarily slept on. If I adopted a sleeping position on my left side I had no attacks of giddiness and the room stayed reassuringly still. But as soon as I turned over – as we all do during the night – then the room spun round. I found that shutting my eyes helped to reduce the effect but it still left me with a feeling of nausea and I was eventually persuaded to attend the local surgery and discuss matters with my GP.(General practitioner or doctor)

He examined me thoroughly and was able to reassure me that I was in perfect health and that there were no blood pressure problems often associated with such symptoms. He named the problem as Chronic Benign Positional Vertigo (CBVP) and told me that this was a common problem and that there was no cure, so I better get used to it. He said that often the symptoms would clear up of their own accord or reduce to an acceptable level. I left the surgery slightly disappointed but reasonably optimistic that things would improve in due course, although the fact that I already suffered for some thirty years should have warned me not to raise my expectations.

In fact things did not improve, they got worse and I got more and more fed up with the problem. I returned to my GP only to have the same reaction as before, but an offer to prescribe some drugs that might reduce the effects. I tried them and they had no effect. Eventually I turned in desperation to the Internet to see if there was any hope of a cure. I discovered that there were thousands of people like myself and almost as many cures on offer. To cut a long story short I eventually found a remarkable cure and one which, to someone who has suffered this problem for so many years, seemed like a miracle.

The cure works and it is based on sound medical and physical common sense. The disease is apparently caused, in some cases, by tiny particles within the inner ear becoming detached, sometimes due to a mild bump on the head. These particles roam freely within the inner ear causing conflicting signals to be sent to the balance mechanism. This gives rise to the familiar sensations of giddiness, room spinning and subsequent nausea. The treatment, ingeniously, removes the offending particles permanently, to another area within the inner ear which is without any of the balance receptors, which receive the signals from such particles. So no more conflicting messages to the brain.

I returned to my GP and told him what I had found and requested that he refer me to a clinic which was offering this treatment. He was sceptical of success but did as I requested and I made contact with a small department in a university, which was specialising in this particular cure. A meeting was arranged with the lady specialist at which my illness was diagnosed and confirmed as CBPV and I was told that I could be cured and all that was required was that I undergo a once-only series of exercises or manoeuvres! I knew she was right and believed her because I had read about the startling effects of the treatment and how it was carried out, yet it still seemed incredible that such a powerful cure was so simple.

I was treated in the presence of number of medical students who were learning about this treatment. I was made to lie on a bed while my eyes were examined. Then I was requested to adopt a number of positions which were easy and simple to accomplish, but were carried out in a particular way and order. At the end of no more than five minutes I was declared cured! The doctor must have seen my look of scepticism and she suggested that I lie down as if in sleep; and then on my back; and then standing up with my eyes raised to the ceiling – absolutely amazing! No giddiness! No nausea!

A few weeks later during a subsequent visit to my GP, he asked me if the treatment had helped and when I told him I was completely cured he said, “ you’re kidding! I can’t believe it worked!” He asked me all about it and was sufficiently impressed to promise to send more recommendations to the special unit at the university I mentioned earlier.

Later I also cured my mother-in-law of the same problem which she had suffered from more than fifty years. It took just ten miutes from start to finish.

I can’t publish the details of the university doctor, so I must advise you that it is necessary for the unit to be contacted through doctor’s referencesHowever you can try the exercise yourself.

You can access a free booklet I wrote about about how to cure yourself, from here:-



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